Corporate Social Responsibility

How we are putting it into practice

There are 4 focus areas to our corporate responsibility strategy. We will be shaping tomorrow by:

  • Investing in our people.
  • Making steel more sustainable.
  • Enriching our communities.
  • Transparent governance

We have a number of key performance indicators to measure our performance against each of the four areas of commitment outlined below.

Investing in our people

This means making each and every person working on our behalf feel valued. Our people are leaders, helping us transform tomorrow. We need their ideas, and rely on their hard work and commitment. We treat them with dignity and respect, investing in their development, and providing them with a safe and healthy working environment.

We hold ourselves accountable for:

  • Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions at all our operations.
  • Actively promoting a strong culture of leadership and accountability, and rewarding our employees fairly based on their performance.
  • Creating a collaborative, productive, and innovative workplace.
  • Effective dialogue with our employees and their representatives.
  • Being transparent and honest in our commitments to our people, to ensure we maintain a trusted working environment.

Making steel more sustainable

This means using our expertise in steel to develop cleaner processes and greener products. We are working on breakthrough technologies to redefine the steel making process and to contribute to solutions to the global challenge of climate change. Our efforts are focused on achieving continuous improvement in our environmental performance, by doing what we do more efficiently, developing pioneering new processes and more sustainable practices, and also working in partnership with others to help them achieve their environmental goals.

We hold ourselves accountable for sharing environmental and technical knowledge throughout the business, to improve our overall performance.

Enriching our communities

Our presence plays an important role in all the communities in which we operate. We want to contribute to the development of strong and sustainable local communities. We play our part by being sensitive to local needs and priorities, by engaging with our communities in an open and straightforward way, and by working in active partnership with local organizations.

We hold ourselves accountable for:

  • Making community engagement one of our core skills.
  • Agreeing and delivering progress through working in partnerships, effective engagement, and open communication.
  • Being realistic about what we can achieve, and focusing on practical and tangible activities that deliver long-lasting change and more sustainable communities.

Transparent governance

We will take steps to understand our true impacts, predict future consequences, and manage risks consistently across our operations. We will engage meaningfully with key stakeholders and respond in a transparent manner.

We hold ourselves accountable for:

  • Improving the quality of our disclosure to investors, and our corporate responsibility reporting.
  • Treating all our shareholders equally, and communicating with them proactively.
  • Implementing our governance policies and frameworks throughout the business.
  • Integrating corporate responsibility principles into all of our business and management practices.