Production Capabilities

ISL's 1,000,000 Metric tons per annum steel complex produces Cold Rolled, Galvanized and Color Coated Steel from hot rolled coils. All products cater to the engineering and manufacturing industry as a premium raw material for transformation into any number of value-added products for the domestic and export markets.

Cold Rolled Steel is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.15 mm to 3.0mm, galvanized steel is available in thicknesses of 0.15 mm to 2.0mm while color coated steel is available in thickness range of 0.20 -1.50 mm. All products are offered in a maximum width of 1,250 mm and each product category is provided in a range of strength levels from drawing to structural and surface finishes from bright to matt to meet our customer specific requirements.

ISL produces are offered in a maximum width of 1,250 mm and each product category is provided in a range of thickness, strength levels and finishes depending on customers end application.

Cold Rolled Steel is available in thickness ranging from 0.15mm – 3.00mm in various strength grades for general fabrication, drawing applications, structural applications and surface finishes from bright to matt to meet specific customer requirements. Matt finish is preferred for subsequent lacquer or paint finishing where parts undergo a drawing operation. Bright surface is preferred for subsequent electroplating operations.

Galvanized Steel is offered in thickness ranging from 0.15mm – 2.00mm in the traditional regular spangle and bright finish. Galvanized product can also be offered with minimized spangle and skin passed which is generally preferred where paint applications are required.

Color Coated Steel is available in thickness range of 0.20mm to 1.50mm Polyester (PE), PVDF and Polyamide Paint and on various substrates such as Galvanised, Galvalume, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

The diversity of products in terms of strength levels, steel chemistry, and metal coating provide high quality inputs for the various applications and products.

Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram

Usage Examples

Cold Rolled Steel

Office furniture, shelving, automotive and appliance parts, severe pressings such as automotive oil pans, non-exposed automotive panels and components, intrusion beams, reinforcing members, high strength tubing, general pressing, automotive seat parts, tubing, drum and pail bodies and ends, bath tubs, stove liners, heaters, architectural panels, seals, washers, brackets, hinges, laminations for electric motors and small transformers and lighting ballasts, etc.

Galvanized Steel

Steel building frames, roofing sheet, wall panels, purlins, decking, automotive panels and components, appliance panels and components, switchboard equipment, tubes, air conditioning ducts, meter box, partitioning systems, cable trays, internal sections, shelving, garage door panels, laundry appliances, exposed painted panels, washing machines, acoustic ceiling tiles, door frames, commercial refrigerators and freezers, office furniture, trunks, water coolers, ice boxes, agri-implements, silos etc.

Color Coated Steel

Grain silos, sprayers, pans, feeding troughs, cold storages, industrial roofing, architectural cladding, side walls, composite panels, linear ceilings, false ceiling tiles, partition walls, rolling shutters, door profiles and panels, window panels, gutters, awnings, pre manufactured building structure members K-span buildings, trunks, ice boxes, tubs, buckets, storage bins, water tanks, air-conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, electrical panels, decorative lamps, ovens, washing machines desks lockers, racks, lightweight chairs, kitchen cabinets, ducting, drums/barrels, containers, thermal cladding, air-conditioning ducts, railway coaches, Sign-boards, hoardings, road signs etc.

Effluent Treatment Plant

ISL has set up a state of the art Effluent Treatment Plant. This plant will ensure collection, neutralization and filtration of the entire solvent based wastages generated during the process and will make them re-usable. The used hydrochloric acid from the strip pickling line is re-generated so that 98% is re-used and only 2% neutralized is discharged. ISL reverse osmosis generates over 100m3/hr of water to meet industrial requirements and does not rely on Karachi’s over loaded water system.

The investment has helped ISL:

  • Reduce water usage for industrial purposes.
  • Reduce industrial waste.
  • Improve water availability for local residents by re using industrial water.

Power Plant

ISL has installed a natural gas burning power plant with 8 generators that creates 25 Mega Watt of power by co-generation. This plant meet the needs of ISL steel complex and supplies surplus electricity to the Grid.